📎 Dimensional Weights made easy!

What does the term ‘Dimensional Weight’ mean and why is it relevant for pricing orders accurately?

The initial and most natural instinct to calculate the shipping cost for an order is pricing it proportional to the actual, gravitational weight of the items in that order. However, a deeper drill into this procedure indicates that a lot of the times, items are seemingly light-weight and don’t cost as much either, but acquire a lot of space, resulting in occupying a lot more space then denser and more expensive items. It is often more challenging and costly to ship a truck full of airy blankets or cotton compared to a truck full of phones. In order to ensure that merchants and shipping companies are able to avoid such situations and always quote a fair price, the concept of Dimensional Weight was introduced and widely adopted. In simple words, it means calculating the volume weight of a product based on its dimensions (instead of its mass).