How ShipBlink’s AI-based Auto-Parcel Assignment Algorithm works?

🚨Dimensional Weights made easy!

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Every Order has multiple items

ShipBlink calculates how the order is to be packed and queries UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and 100+ Carers using the weight and dimensions of the box (or boxes) you will ship the order in. This allows your shop to quote accurate shipping charges, including negotiated rates if available.

ShipBlink automatically allocates the best available shipping boxes to use and how each of the items in an order should be placed in that box. This ensures that your orders will always go out in the smallest box possible, saving you money on shipping and being kinder to the environment to boot.


Update your Product weights on your E-commerce channel.

  • Best Method: (recommended)
    • Define your available Parcel sizes here on ShipBlink
    • Update your Product dimensions on your E-commerce channel.
  • Easy Method:
    • Define your available Parcel sizes here on ShipBlink.
  • Fallback Method
  • Assuming you have all the Weights added to your Product on the E-commerce channel, ShipBlink simply adds up the weight of all the items available in the Cart/Order.